At Change Agents Worldwide, we believe in the power of the individual to make a difference. All our Solo Change Agents (SCAs) participate in a unique collaborative economy-sharing model for IP and knowledge assets. Depending on your location and time zone, you may wish to contract with one of our SCAs closest to you. Because of our unique sharing model, all of our SCAs have access to the methodologies and best practices of our collective team and can bring them to bear in a combination that will work best for your specific challenge. Please read through our collaborative process below and then select the type of work to launch your engagement with us.

How we work with you:

Choose the type of project:

Select your type of project or high-level goal below.

Instill an ideation process to propagate breakthrough thinking.

Shift your workforce toward a more open, collaborative mindset.

Introduce game thinking and game mechanics to encourage specific change behaviors.

Infuse the physical workplace with digital technologies.

Simplify the search experience and locate your employee expertise.

Connect your entire workforce and put your knowledge to use.

Develop systems and processes to capture, share, and build your knowledge.

Take advantage of new mobile applications for your enterprise.

Adjust your organizational structure for optimal flow of information.

Provide a better mix of formal and informal learning programs.

Ignite your workforce through social collaboration tools and processes.

Create and sustain a more energized and productive workforce by enabling new ways of working.

Engage your customers through continuous and authentic conversations.

Rethink talent and performance management for the connected world.

Ready your workplace for the next-generation workforce.

Define your project in your own words.

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